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SA Coin is the largest financial institution in South Africa. We’ve been in business for 25 years. Meanwhile, a small insurance market worth Rs 1.1 billion rarely reaches the South African market.

In 1996, NGCC (Digitized by Gigital Corporation) announced that it was the largest aggressor company in the world in South Africa. Through a wide and innovative market we can make a rare coin in Africa. South Africa in 2000. The NGC has introduced the South African Consumer Protection Act. Money markets prevent investors from making rare investments. This allows traders and musicians to sell their rare coins around the world.

Coca-Cola has been a key partner in the creation of a global market of 50,000 million hectares for the rare five-Mandari coins in just 20 years. Today, rare Mandela R funds make up 0.4% of South Africa’s free money market. The rest of South Africa, therefore, accounts for 6.6% of the rare currency market. More than 300,000 Mandela R5 loans were selected and the remaining 20,000 were repaid in the rare money market.
With Coin, it has recently changed the South African premium market to add more customers in that market than other South African companies. We just introduced ANXS in South Africa. HSE is the leading private equity firm in the world. This is a significant addition to NGC’s economic growth and visibility in South Africa.
In recent years, coin sales have reached a million. We want to create a multi-billion dollar global market for rare coins in South Africa. All backpacks that are sold and sold in South Africa can be made from Zambia. We have registered that our competitors earn more than they earn from their purchases at the bank.
When you ask to contact one of your clients today, we will show you what we can do in our city in the long run. Retire is one of the best jewelry stores in the world…

We took nine of South Africa’s rarest coins from 600,000 riel in 1996 to $ 650 and sold through 1998 in SCS. Today, the single 9 is worth 50 million rupees.

We introduced MGC (Nissan Insurance Corporation) as one of the largest rating companies in the world to South Africa in 1996. Penny market. This prevents rare coin dealers from depositing rare coins. This also gives investors and collectors the ability to sell their rare coins anywhere in the world.

SCS also acts as the central architect in building a 500 million rupee market for rare Mandela 5 coins in just 20 years. Today, rare Mandela R5 coins make up 96.4% of South Africa’s rare coin market. With the balance of the market, South Africa accounted for 3.6% of the rare coin market. More than 300,000 Mandela R5 coins are matched with the 20,000 coins that make up the remainder of the rare coin market.
Acacia continues to market rare coins in South Africa, adding more customers to the market than South African coin companies combined. We recently introduced ANACS to South Africa. ANACS is the oldest rating company in the world. They are a great addition to the rankings of South African coins and NGC compliments.
Estin’s sales over the last five years have exceeded RM125 million. It is our goal to create billions of markets worldwide for rare South African coins. All rare coins that are bought and sold in South Africa can be taxed at no cost. We have a track record of making our customers make more money than our competitors from buying their coins.
We invite you to contact one of our brokers today and let us show you what we can do with your capital in the medium term. Rare Coin is the highest return on equity device on earth ……

Get paid up to R250,000 in cash for a R5 Mandela Coin! Don’t take our word for it, a short search on BidorBuy’s website will show you just how much these coins are selling for right now.

Our most recent search on their website found coins selling for up to R250,000 [23 January 2020 – BidorBuy search for “Mandela Coin”]

After the release of the new R5 Mandela Coin, the value of the older Mandela coins are going to be increasing in value. Dozens of South Africans are selling their Mandela Coins and making big money. Join the hundreds of South Africans that are selling Mandela Coins and are getting cash in their pockets overnight

Here we are going to give you a breakdown of the most valuable Mandela Coins that buyers are highly interested in.

Source: Cointrader.co.za

How can you sell these coins?

If you have or know anyone who have the coin on the list kindly let me know.
NB: they’re exchanged for cash.



With the sale of the finest known rare Mandela Proof Inauguration for R750 000 there is a vacuum that exists between the one finest known specimen and the second finest known specimens in Proof-69 condition. Only 216 of these coins have been graded by PCGS and NGC. They are currently selling at R45 000 a coin and are a steal at that price. By then end of the year these coins should be selling with ease at around R100 000. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to work out that if a PF-70 sold for the price of R750 000 and there is only one, that with a ratio of 1-216 that the coins are very, very undervalued at R45 000.

This is the one and only specimen of the rare Inauguration R5 proof coins to be graded PF-70 or perfect. The coin was sold for US $99,337 or R750 000. We expect this coin to be valued at around R1.5 million by the end of the year and over R2 million by the end of 2009. The reverse or tails side of the world’s fastest appreciating rare coin in all of history. The coin as you can see is breathtakingly beautiful and absolutely flawless.

Every single time that there is a sale of a finest known in the country and this is then widely reported it alters the very architecture and the fabric of the entire world market. The most direct effect of the sale of a finest known coin is upon the coins of its very own type and grade. There will be intense focus by the media and also the public at large on all of the Proof Mandela R5 Inauguration coins once this article is placed onto our site and also released to the world media. New investors and collectors that contact our corporation will soon learn that there is only one of the PF-70 coins that sold and that it is not available for purchase they will then start to snap up the PF-69’s that are on the market.

With there being only 216 of them worldwide the pressure that will be placed on these coins will be immense. Do not miss the opportunity to place a number of these into your portfolio if you do not have any. They will not be available on the market for long.

Nelson Mandela leaves the InterContinental Hotel after a photo shoot with celebrity photographer Terry O’Neil on June 26, 2008 in London, England. Mandela is in London in advance of the 46664 concert being held at Hyde Park on Friday the 27th June to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday.

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